Other Voices is LIVE from Dingle

November 30th and December 1st


If there was one musical event that you really must see, it has got to be Other Voices in Dingle, County Kerry. For the first time ever, we’re broadcasting this unique festival to the world – not just once, but for two nights. Just make sure to save the times and dates and we promise you’ll witness something really special…

As winter descends, a small fishing village called Dingle in County Kerry creates a little bit of magic with a festival called Other Voices. Every pub, church, library and coffee shop in Dingle opens their doors, with music and spoken words events rotating across each and every venue over three days.

Often referred to as a 'musical pilgrimage', audiences and performers wander in and out of these venues. But it’s in St James’ Church where the melodies rise to the rooftops that something special happens...

Performing over the Friday and Saturday evenings will be British R&B soul-singer and writer Mahalia, Arizona-born Americana performer Courtney Marie Andrews and haunting Irish singer-songwriter David Keenan. Also performing will be one of Britain’s most distinctive new voices Jade Bird, rising soul star Loah, the startling singer and LGBTQ trailblazer Nakhane, producer and rapper Kojaque and Irish star Jack O'Rourke.



So what do you do now? Well, make sure you log on here on Friday, 30 November from 7pm (GMT), and Saturday, 1 December from 7pm (GMT). Then simply sit back and enjoy the sounds emanating from a little village on the Wild Atlantic Way.

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