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44 Foyle Street, Derry, Co Londonderry,
 (028) 7126 7284
Dominating the Northwestern landscape of Ireland, astride the fast-flowing waters of the River Foyle, is a 6th century city that today resonates to the sounds of the 21st century.

The historic walled city of Derry, also known as Londonderry, is the sparkle in the friendly eye of one of our most historic regions. It is a centre of culture and creativity, and is now as famous for its confident modern outlook as it is for its timelessness.

Meander through the bustling streets of the only completely walled city in the British Isles and listen to the echoes of 1450 years of history. Stroll along its 17th century walls, and marvel at the ever-changing skyline of a city which is constant only in in the warmth of its welcome.