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Annaharvey Farm Cookery School

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Geashill, Tullamore, Offaly,
Ms Lynda Deverell

For many years now here in Annaharvey, good food has been a very important part of our life style and it's not only about the actual food itself, but about the whole interaction that takes place between family and friends around the dinner table.

Guests have come to stay with us from all over the world and have been entertained and been entertaining at our table, adding great value to the quality of their holiday, but also enriching our lives in a way that we would not have believed possible. The food we offer at Annaharvey is simple but wholesome, yet we have been constantly amazed at how impressed guests are with what we take so much for granted. So, with that in mind, we decided to open Annaharvey Farm Cookery School where the emphasis will be on showing people how to make good Irish food using seasonal fruit and vegetables, locally produced beef and lamb, organic cheeses and amazing desserts.

Cooking in Ireland has never been a complicated affair, we learnt to cook from our mothers and grand mothers who more often than not had to feed a large family on a very tight budget so making use of leftovers is essential and making a meal from inexpensive cuts of meat is a fine art. So come along to Annaharvey Farm, don your apron and experience the joy of cooking at its best.

The Cookery School in Annaharvey Farm is based in an old farm building, convenient to the guesthouse and equestrian centre and is well equipped for both demonstraion and practical classes. We run classes to suit all levels of ability, so if you are a complete beginner and don't know your leek form your onion, don't worry, we will help you make great use of all vegetables! If you have some experience you will enjoy a more advanced practical session which will increase your repetoire of dishes.

We cater for groups of all sizes, from 2 to 40, many of our clients are just two people who want to be able to cook together and enjoy a lovely home cooked meal, others are groups who want to work together making home made bread and pizzas enjoying a glass of wine along the way, while others are busy mums with a family party on the horizon who need to know how to feed the in-laws in a non stressful way.