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Birr Castle Gardens

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Birr, Offaly,

Birr Castle Gardens is located in a historic and beautiful part of the Irish midlands. Comprising award-winning landscapes and set in Birr, one of Ireland’s beautiful Georgian heritage towns, the gardens are abundant in exotic trees and flowers.

Birr Castle Gardens, located in County Offaly, is famed for the beauty of its unusual landscapes. Visitors to Birr Castle can explore an impressive plant collection with rare species from around the world, including over forty champion trees of the British Isles.

Visit Birr Castle to explore the peaceful gardens, originally landscaped around the lake by Sir William Parsons in the 18th century. Over the course of future generations of the Parsons family, the demesne would develop further and feature the first garden in Ireland to receive specimens of dawn redwood after its discovery in China in 1945.

The gardens of Birr Castle come alive in spring with flowering bulbs and a vast magnolia collection. The demesne includes formal gardens with old roses, wisteria and the world’s tallest box hedges, some of which are over 300 years old. Outdoor terraces offer stunning views of the castle and are vibrant with colour in the summer.

Water features abound at Birr Castle Gardens; a waterfall, lakes and rivers are yours to explore on your day out at this landmark Irish estate. The millennium gardens reflect a French style formal garden and proudly houses beautiful pathways of hornbeam cloister.

Birr Castle Gardens offers a membership system—become a friend of Birr Castle Gardens and gain access to the gardens throughout the entire year. Seasonal events and fairs like the Birr Castle Game and County Fair are also held at the estate, making it the perfect destination for family outings and day trips.