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Swords Round Tower

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Swords Round Tower marks an early Christian foundation established by St. Columcille and can be seen in the grounds of the Church of Ireland.

The nearby belfry dates from the 14th century.

Construction work on the castle began in the 12th Century with the appointment of the first Norman bishop of Dublin, John Comyn. The castle was founded on the well associated with St. Colmcille and is prominently situated in the Ward River Valley Linear Park.

The castle is unusual in that, with the perimeter of 305 meters, it is far larger than normal for an Irish Castle and was constructed in piecemeal fashion over a period of 400 years. As well as being the home of the Archbishops of Dublin, it is said that parliaments were held in the great hall of the castle.

The Belfry is open to the public in summer when weather permits.