Phoenix Park Bikes

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Park Gate Street Entrance, Chesterfield Avenue, Dublin, Dublin,
Ms Linda Jordan

Phoenix Park Bikes is an Experienced Professional Bike Rental Company specializing in Bike Hire, Tours and Group Excursions. Offering range of over 150 bikes for kids and adults. Located at the Entrance of the Phoenix Park, Dublin.

The Phoenix Park is one of the largest designed landscapes in any European city. It was originally established as a Royal deer park nearly 350 years ago and its historic continuity, together with its vast scale, urban setting and tranquillity, are the attributes that define it.

It is a must see when visiting Dublin City and what better way to explore this park then by Bike!

With over 300 bikes, Phoenix Park Bikes can offer you a bike rental service and more

* Bike Hire suitable for Single to Large Groups

* A wide variety of Bike options for the very young to the old, for families, schools or large group excursions.

* Bike Delivery Service for Group Excursions outside the park.

* Bike Trailer available for hire

Guided Tours

*Phoenix Park Bikes provide guided tours within the Phoenix Park grounds for 1,2 or 3 hours.

*Guided tours through Dublin City out as far as Howth.

*Bike Rental, Delivery Service and Guides for areas outside Dublin such as Glendalough, Blessington Greenway and more.

*Touring bikes for overnight trips around Ireland