County Armagh

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River Blackwater

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5 Dobbin Street Corporation, Armagh, County Armagh,
Mr Des Cartmill
 (028) 3752 2335

Full range of fishing tackle and fresh bait.

This stretch of the River Blackwater, which lies mainly upstream of Blackwatertown Bridge, is available to Department permit holders on the right bank Co. Armagh). Coarse fish abound in the lower part of this reach but there is a short stretch of good game fishing water downstream of the island where there are a number of known salmon lies. Game fish stocks are now recovering following a drainage scheme in the late 1980s and restoration of the system.

Clay Lake, lying alongside the Castleblaney Road, is renowned as a pike fishery with fish exceeding 14kg. Large perch are present and the occasional trout is also caught. Stiles and footsticks have been provided to give easy access along the shore, much of which is stony and safe for wading, although care should be taken in soft areas.