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Galway Atlantaquaria

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The Promenade, Salthill, Galway,

Visit Galway Atlantaquaria, Ireland’s largest native species aquarium at the heart of the Wild Atlantic Way.

The aquarium in Salthill is beside the beautiful Galway bay and the world famous ‘Promenade walk’. The National Aquarium of Ireland, Galway Atlantaquaria is designed to show the diversity of marine species from all over Ireland. The aquarium hosts 100’s of marine species from Ireland’s rivers, shores and ocean. The Aquarium hosts two floors of exhibits that reflect the maritime history of Galway. Highlights include a 60 foot Fin Whale skeleton, Bearna Log boat (dugout canoe) Red Deer Antlers and Uí Breasail (Hy Brasil) boat. Featured animals include Native Irish sharks, Jellyfish, Conger eels, Clownfish, Bass and much more.

The aquarium has received full accreditation with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), so visitors can be assured they are seeing the best of professional standards in animal welfare, education, conservation and practice. So, if you are thinking of the exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, stop by the aquarium and you will experience the real Wild Atlantic Way experience.