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The Irish Pewtermill Centre

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Moone, Timolin, Kildare,

The Pewtermill, in Timolin County Kildare was once the mill of the monastery of St Mullins. Guests can watch workers casting, and learn of the history of the Pewtermill and the nearby Moone High Cross.

The village of Timolin, in county Kildare, is named after the monastery of St Mullins that once housed the Pewtermill. In Irish, Tí Moling means the Great House of Mullins. Casting still takes place at the Pewtermill, which has a showroom where you can buy Celtic jewellery, tableware and other items such as heraldic tankards.

At the Irish Pewtermill Centre there is also a museum of moulds, dyes and masters that dates back over a 100 years. This museum is only open by appointment, please ring in advance.