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Toy Soldier Factory & Visitor Centre

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Kilnamartyra, Macroom, Cork,

Visit Ireland’s and Europe’s Only Toy Soldier Factory! The Toy Soldier Factory is one of Ireland’s best hidden attractions. The family owned business has been established in1976. Situated in the beautiful little village of Kilnamartyra, Co Cork

A trip to our newly renovated visitor center is both an educational and fun experience for all the family.
What is there to do? We’re glad you asked..

Firstly, its free admission.
Casting(making) demonstrations of figures are given to the thousands of people walking through our doors. There’s no fake machinery or actors – it’s all REAL! It is one of the only places in the world to see Tin Soldiers being cast the same way that they have been since the 17th Century.

Why not take part in a Make & Paint Workshop!
Price: from €8
How does it work?
Choose your figure - Cast (Make) it - Paint it
Yes! Take it home.

Our workshops are hugely popular with both adults and children alike! Come tap into your inner Picasso with us, unleashing a world of creativity you may not have known you had! Are you up for the challenge?

Visit our New Battle of waterloo exhibition:
Why not step through the doors into a world of historical combat and witness the jaw dropping, show room filling, New battle of Waterloo exhibit? A conquest of sorts in regards to man VS moulds! A visit to our new exhibit of the famous Battle of Waterloo is a must. The huge Diorama totaling 26 x 13 feet (8×4 Meters) in size, houses 15,000 hand cast and hand painted Prince August Model Soldiers by Andre Rudolph from Germany. It took Andre eight passionate years to cast, paint and complete his creation.

Plan a visit to us with your students today, it’s a visit they will be raving about for weeks?! Or come party with us and make it a birthday none of your friends will forget! See our website link below for further info. You could even bring along your team mates, best friends, etc. for one of our group bookings to keep it fun and unique (In order to make group bookings we advise calling us on the number listed below)!