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  1. Portaferry Sailing Club

    These are the contact details for Portaferry Sailing Club. Mehr

  2. Rosslare Small Boats Festival

    Small boat anglers of the UK and Ireland host a spectacular 'species' hunt which attracts the best sea anglers in the British Isles. All facilities are catered for, the sport is superb and the craic... Mehr

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  3. Sunken Gardens

    Extend your walk around the marina and stroll through the Sunken Gardens where a giant ... Mehr

  4. Coney Island

    This island has a rich history and is an exciting destination to be explored. Mehr

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  5. Gate Lodge Rushin Farm

    In the heart of Ulster's Lakeland, Co Fermanagh, this traditional style accommodation Mehr

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  6. East Coast Adventure Centre

    With our mountain centre nestled just outside the village of Rostrevor, our water sports centres ... Mehr

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  7. Lochside Cruisers

    Our marina in the island town of Enniskillen is based between the upper and lower Lough Erne. Mehr

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  8. Share Discovery Village

    Established in 1981, the largest activity centre in Ireland, welcomes over 10,000 visitors ... Mehr

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  9. Ballyholme Yacht Club

    Ballyholme Yacht Club welcomes all sailors to Bangor and if you would like to participate in ... Mehr

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