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  1. Walk and Talk

    Enjoy a guided walk on Divis Mountain with a knowledgeable ranger. Mehr

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  2. Coasteering

    Experience the thrill and adrenaline of Coasteering! Traverse the stunning Ballyhornan coastline ... Mehr

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  3. Autumn Harvest

    Enjoy an autumnal ramble around Castle Ward demesne taking in the amazing vistas and landscapes ... Mehr

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  4. Family Fun Day at The Jungle

    Enjoy a colourful carnival of adventure activities, arty happenings and tasty treats suitable ... Mehr

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  5. Drumbo Park Stadium

    If you’ve never experienced greyhound racing before then it’s time you came up to speed. Mehr

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  6. Halloween Spooky Scheme

    Adventure during the half term break at Mobile Team Adventure base in Ardnavally Scout ... Mehr

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