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    River Bandon, County Cork River Bandon, County Cork

    Consejos fotográficos para fotografiar a Irlanda en otoño

    ¿Necesitas algunos consejos de fotografía? Deja que los fotógrafos profesionales y sus imágenes otoñales de Irlanda sean tu guía.

    Russet leaves, frosty mornings and a crispness in the air are just some of the sensory joys autumn brings. We caught up with three professional photographers who have shot autumn at its finest.

    fall-photos_cox-strip fall-photos_cox-strip

    Valentia Island, County Kerry

    Sunset at Valentia Island

    Peter Cox

    Peter Cox
    is a professional photographer living and working in the South-West of Ireland. His stunning prints can be seen at his photography gallery at 4 High St., Killarney, County Kerry, and they can be found in the collections of photography lovers all over the world.

    Gougane Barra, County Cork Gougane Barra, County Cork

    Gougane Barra, County Cork

    Mist at Gougane Barra

    'Gougane Barra in County Cork is a little-known gem. Beloved of many Irish people, few from outside the country are aware of it. A wonderfully calm morning produced a mirror-like reflection on the lake and a band of mist rising behind the church completes the picture. As I was making this photograph with a student, a local passed by. He paused, watched us for a moment, looked up at the view and exclaimed, "Aren't you lucky men!" How right he was.'

    'This view of Doulus Bay from the summit of Geokaun Mountain on Valentia Island, County Kerry is a classic Irish view. Seen here on a blustery morning just as the sun is rising, the autumn colours are just taking root. I find the panoramic format works very well for grand views such as this, doing real justice to the location and the experience of being there. Being willing to get wet while making your photographs ensures that you get interesting skies.'

    fall-photos_mccormack-strip fall-photos_mccormack-strip

    Fanad Head Lighthouse, County Donegal

    Sunset at Fanad Head Lighthouse

    Gareth McCormack

    Gareth McCormack
    was born in County Tyrone and now lives in County Sligo. He has been a professional photographer for 15 years specializing in landscapes and adventure travel. Although he has been lucky enough to visit many wild and beautiful places around the world the Atlantic coast of Ireland is still among his favorite places to shoot.

    fall-photos_mccormack-car fall-photos_mccormack-car

    Errigal Mountain, County Donegal,

    sunset at Errigal Mountain

    'The powerful autumn swells always draw me to coastal locations like Fanad Head Lighthouse [above] for the added drama they lend. Also the bogland grasses turn wonderful russet tones throughout the autumn making mountain and bog landscapes a joy to shoot.'

    fall-photos_brown-strip fall-photos_brown-strip

    River Bandon, County Cork

    Autumn foliage at River Bandon

    Mike Brown

    Mike Brown
    lleva más de veinte años dedicándose a la fotografía de paisajes y naturaleza. Ha publicado tres libros con su trabajo: “Ireland's Wildlife - A Photographic Essay” en 2002, “Images of Irish Nature” en 2006 y “Wild Water, Wild Light - Images of the West Cork Coastline” en 2009. Su obras forman parte de colecciones de todo el mundo. La Asociación de Fotógrafos Profesionales Irlandeses otorgó a Mike el premio al “Fotógrafo del año 2003”, uno de los numerosos galardones que ha obtenido por su trabajo.

    fall-photos_brown-car fall-photos_brown-car

    Killarney National Park, County Kerry

    Deer at Killarney National Park

    'Autumn in Ireland can be wonderful to photograph particularly where you find old mature woodland with large beech trees. The Bandon river valley has an abundance of these forested areas and they can provide some excellent opportunities if the weather is good to you.'

    'Killarney National Park is another favourite area of mine to photograph in the autumn. The woodlands can be spectacular there and there are streams and waterfalls all over the area. As well as this, the autumn is the time the red deer go into their rut and the stags bellow loudly for a month or so.'

    Now that you know how to photograph autumn, how about a trip to Ireland to try it for yourself?