How well do you know Ireland?

Glendalough, County Wicklow

Test your Irish knowledge! Try our trivia, and see how you get on. Good luck!

What is the name of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in Northern Ireland?

Which musical instrument is the national emblem of the Republic of Ireland?

What is the name of the famous Northern Irish golfer from County Down, who has won 4 of golf’s major championships?

What UNESCO World Heritage Site features in the most recent 2 ‘Stars Wars’ episodes?

Who is the Patron Saint of Ireland?

What is the oldest city in Ireland, founded by Vikings in 800A.D.?

What driving route is known to be ‘wild’ and rugged, and is located on the West coast of Ireland?

Known for its beauty and greenness, which county is known as the ‘garden of Ireland’? Hint: it’s located just south of Dublin.

Which of these famous Irish poets wrote the Poem, Innisfree?

Thank you for taking our Ireland quiz! Wishing you a Happy New Year, and we hope to see you in Ireland in 2018!