Gone truckin’

With the impending release of Mad Max: Fury Road, we got to thinking: where in the world would the ultimate road warrior take time to cool off? As it happens, we’ve got just the place, just the company and just the festival

Devinish Island, Lough Erne
Devinish Island, Lough Erne

It’s almost two decades since we watched our favourite renegade policeman zip through a desert storm driving every inch out of his sand ravaged engine. But in 2014, he’s back – and he’s bringing the stars with him. Mad Max: Fury Road may not have Mr Mel Gibson at its helm, but it won’t be short of big names with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron taking the franchise forward.

Mr Max’s Holiday

Yes, Max is back and we couldn’t be happier. But we couldn’t help thinking where our favourite road warrior has been hiding all this time? On holidays, perhaps? Maybe he's been angling or taking a cruise. He might have found a nice hotel deal or visited a museum or two. Maybe he took in a show or hit the mountains for a walking festival?

Well, whatever Max was up to, we think he might like to extend his break just a little bit more.

You see, we’ve got a road festival Max might like and this time he won’t drive angry – he’ll drive happy.

But before Max hits the road again, how about some R&R?

Between the trials, tribulations and incessant dust of the movies Mad MaxBeyond Thunderdome and Fury Road, our hero will be craving some peace and quiet. A lake maybe, fringed by lush greenery, modest wooden harbours and dappled with tiny islands with quirky histories and grassy picnic spots.

We’re thinking Lough Erne in Northern Ireland.

Island hopping

Wouldn’t White Island with the crumbling charm of its 12th Century church and its Romanesque doorway give him cause to smile? And the eerie calm of the ‘archaic carved stone figures’ would surely help lower the road warrior’s blood pressure. We know he’d be fascinated by Devenish Island’s monastery and the 800-year-old round tower. Devenish’s history of Viking raids would no doubt tickle his fancy, too.

You never know, he might even decide to hop onto Lusty Beg Island and rent a chalet for himself. We can see him happily tucking into the Pan Fried Loin of Cod with Saffron Pommes-Purée and Scallops.

There’s one more reason why this part of the world might speak to Max. It has to do with a certain festival – and it has to do with trucks.

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Keep on truckin'

What we didn’t tell you, or Max for that matter, is that Lough Erne is in fact two lakes. Upper and Lower Lough Erne are, as travel writer Pól Ó Conghaile described it, “pinched in the middle” by the town of Enniskillen. During 20-22 of July, it will be around Lower Lough Erne that the Irvinestown Truck Festival convoy will make its merry way.

Hundreds of trucks, on a charitable drive, will traverse the lake not only taking in some of the prettiest panoramas, but passing through picture-perfect villages, too. Scenic stops include quaint Belleek (world famous for its pottery and porcelain) and Enniskillen, home to Enniskillen Castle, the scene of historic tugs-of-war between Ireland’s most powerful families.

It won’t be all driving. A proper party atmosphere will be rocking in Irvinestown on the Friday, with a Festival of Lights leading into Saturday when dancing shoes will be a must for the country music stylings of Hugo Duncan and guests.

Enjoy yourself, Max – we think you’ve earned it.

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