King John's Castle

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Nicholas Street, Kings Island, Limerick City, Limerick,
Ms Linda Hall

King John's Castle is an 800+ year old Military Castle located in the heart of Limerick City on the banks of the mighty River Shannon. It features a state-of-the-art interpretative centre.

After €6 million investment visitors of all ages will find something to inspire and excite them at King John’s Castle in Limerick City.

Experience Limerick’s history as never before! The stunning new exhibition brings to life over 800 years of King John's Castle and Limerick City’s dramatic history all through Touch-screen technology which will connect visitors to tales of siege and warfare.

A dazzling array of CGI animations and ghostly projections will be part of the experience. The castle boasts a brand new visitor centre, bringing together the castle’s remarkable archaeology and 21st century technology allowing visitors to fully explore and discover King John’s Castle. Visitors have interpretations in their native language guiding them through the complex history of the castle.

King John’s Castle is a 13th century Castle on ‘King’s Island’ in the heart of medieval Limerick City. The Castle overlooks the majestic River Shannon offering wonderful panoramic views of Limerick City. Discover excavated pre-Norman houses, fortifications, siege mines, and the battlement walks.

There is also a Café on site which provides refreshment for the weary traveller. In peak season there are costumed characters including stonemason, blacksmith, soldiers and siege women telling stories & interacting with visitors bringing the history of the castle to life.

King John himself also known as Lackland was King of England from April 1199 until his death at the 50 yrs of age in 1216. He was the youngest of 5 sons of King Henry II of England & Eleanor of Aquitane. He was appointed Lord of Ireland at age 12. He is most well-known for signing the Magna Carta into existence in 1219 which was a pre-curser to the Bill of Rights as we know it today. He was brother to Richard the Lionheart. History generally describes him as petty, vindictive & childish. He has been cast as a villain in the fictional Robin Hood stories. King John died of dysentry at age 50 in 1216.