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Curran's Heraldry

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Ballycasey Design Centre, Ballycasey, Shannon, Clare,

Curran’s Heraldry is an Irish based company, specialising in Irish, British, and European Coats Of Arms. It has been in existence for many generations.

The origin of Curran’s Heraldry dates back to the 1800’s, when Daniel Curran, a predecessor of the present owner, developed an abiding interest in this most intriguing of subjects.

At Currans they take pride in what they do, and this pride transcends to their customers through the fine heraldic regalia that they re-create from the past.
Whether it is one of their smaller items or a truly lavish production, each piece is made with rigorous attention to heraldic law and to artistic detail.
Their workshop is located in the Ballycasey Design Centre, which is just a few minutes drive from Shannon Airport in Shannon, County Clare. The Design Centre is renowned for its artists, potters and goldsmiths, and of course Curran's Heraldry.

In addition to the Currans Heraldry on-line store, Currans operate tourist outlets in the Mid-West of Ireland, at Adare Heritage Centre in the enchanting village of Adare, County Limerick, Ireland. Here visitors will find information about Irish Family Crests, Irish surnames, as well as information about Ireland and its fascinating history.