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Roadside Tavern, Kieran's Kitchen & Burren Brewery

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Kincora Road, Lisdoonvarna, Clare,
Mr Peter Cronin

The Roadside Tavern is home of fantastic traditional and contemporary music, locally sourced organic food prepared by Kieran's Kitchen and fine micro-brewery beers out of the Burren Brewery.

In the old days, this quaint pub used to be a bakery, a butter market as well as a pub. Today, it is as vibrant as it was 150 years ago. This is where locals and explorers of the area meet for pints fresh from the Burren Brewery and enjoy the Burren Gold (Lager), Burren Red (Ale) and Burren Black (Stout) which can only be got on the premises. Master brewer and publican Peter Curtin has been creating his brews on the premises since 2011.

Kieran's Kitchen in the Roadside Tavern provides amazing lunches and dinners throughout spring, summer and autumn. The menu features organically and locally grown produce and seafood, for example smoked salmon, trout and mackerel from the Burren Smokehouse next door. The dishes are quintessentially Irish with a modern twist and have attracted many very positive reviews on Tripadvisor.

The Roadside Tavern is well known for its music. For generations, many well known and local traditional musicians alike have enchanted listeners with their vivid sessions sampling the best of Irish music. They include Christy Moore, Davy Spillane, Tommy Peoples, the Fureys, Paul Dooley, Seán Tyrrell, Christy Barry, Micko Russell, Micilín Conlon, Sharon Shannon and many more. It has a particular draw for the musicians of the region; at its summer peak, there is live music seven nights a week. Young and old come by to listen, play and sing. The style and standard of the music along with the laid-back old-world atmosphere it leads to a unique and lively night out.

The piano was owned by former Taoiseach (prime minister) Garret Fitzgerald. It was restored in 2012, and whoever can play it masterfully enough is invited to delight the patrons in the Roadside Tavern.

Starting in spring and going on until autumn, there are weekly sessions of contemporary music lined up. The Roadside also hosts several festivals like the traditional Micilín Conlan Weekend in October or the Skadoonvarna Festival in summer.