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Bradbury Gallery

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Lyndon Court College Street, Belfast, County Antrim,
 (028) 9026 8450

Ireland's Leading Art Gallery connected to our Art Supplies store for a real art experience.

Bradbury Gallery is centrally located and stocked with a wide range of art to suit all tastes.

A friendly approach and an open relaxed atmosphere ensure that you will be able to enjoy fine art at its best. With a knowledgeable adviser on hand Bradbury Gallery not only supplies work which sits beautifully within your space but also within your budget.

Previous touring exhibitions have included ‘Rolling Stones, 1st Photo Session’- limited edition prints from world class photographer Phillip Townsend, whom documents some of the very first shots of the Rolling Stones taken in 1963 before they had a recording contract; ‘Drawn Blank Series’ by Bob Dylan, a collection of drawings sketched by the famous musician whilst on tour between 1989 and 1992 and ‘Pele O Jogo Bonito, The Beautiful Game’ a collection of images showing a select sample of photographs taken during the life of the legendary Brazilian footballer and worldwide icon.

Bradbury Gallery has a full calendar of events throughout the year, including exclusive exhibitions with artist appearances. To find out more visit the 'news and events' page, and to ensure you receive an invitation please email gallery@Bradbury-graphics.co.uk or phone the gallery directly. We also provide a framing service.

If you are so inspired why not try your hand at art – our art supply store next door offers a wide range of products. Creative expression knows no boundaries, age or skill, so we cater for everyone. Our products range from materials to support children's education through to recognised art materials specific to established career artist's and those associated with creative industries such as technical drawing, design and communication.A colourful and visually lively store, we attract creative individuals who are keen to translate their ideas through the boundless supply of raw materials present. Knowledgeable staff, who are all practicing artists are on hand to answer any enquiries or offer advice.