Between the Hedges Exhibition

Jul 01 2019 - Jul 31 2019
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Armagh Visitor Information Centre, Armagh, County Armagh,
 (028) 3752 1800

Call in and enjoy an exhibition by wonderful Northern Irish artist, Sharon Regan

For this exhibition Sharon Regan looks to the hedgerows, the stories and myths inspired by the animals living between them.

A graduate of Ulster University, Sharon Regan enjoys exploring the countryside and seashore on horseback or when walking her dogs, the wildlife she sees inspires her work. She aims to bring the outdoors indoors with her ceramic sculptures of animals, the texture she adds highlights both the strength and fragility of her subjects.

She works from a studio on the Bangor seafront as part of Project 24 and sells her work throughout Ireland.

This exhibition will run throughout the month of July in the Armagh Visitor Information Centre - we highly recommend that you take time out of your busy schedule to come and view this very special work.