Dublin Duathlon - August

Aug 06 2014
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Papal Cross, Phoenix Park, Dublin City, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

A running and cycling event in Phoenix Park from 6.30pm to 9pm, with a special beginners start time. To enter, visit the website.

A running and cycling event in Phoenix Park, from 6.30pm to 9pm, consisting of a 2.7km run on a tarmac path around the football pitches in Phoenix Park. Participants can also run along the grass next to the footpath. In fact, running on the grass was a tactic used by Peter Kern when he ran barefoot to victory in 2009 to save time in transition!

The cycle loop is approximately 4km in length and is closed to traffic. Competitors complete three laps beginning next to the Papal Cross, proceeding down the Kyber hill, up the Military Road, down through the s-bends, up St. Mary's hill and across the Acres road back to the start. They will then run another 2.7km lap.

With as many as 100 beginners taking part in every event (many on mountain bikes), there is now an option for competitors to choose a special beginners start when entering online. To enter, visit the website.