Kinballycrowie Loop - Lúb Cheann Bhaile Cruaiche

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Burtonport Harbour, Burtonport, Donegal,
Mr David Alcorn

This lovely ca. 7km looped walk takes you from Burtonport Harbour along the old Railway Corridor and back again via quiet country lanes and road.

Leaving Burtonport Harbour, this lovely ca7km looped walk takes you along some of the reclaimed railway corridor which historically connected Burtonport to Derry between 1903 - 1940. The walk leaves the railway corridor at Kinballycrowie and returns to Burtonport Harbour via quiet country lanes and road. The walk is filled to the brim with spectacular views, a vast array of flora and fauna and a fabulous woodland of beautiful ash trees. The trail is flat and ideally suited to walkers and leisure cyclists.