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Looking for inspiration? Planning a trip? Or just want to scroll yourself happy? We'll show you an Ireland that's tailor-made for you.

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    See what Ireland has in store for you

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    Quiz: what’s your Irish name?

    Take our fun Irish names quiz to find out what we should call you when you next come to Ireland!

    • #CultureandHeritage
    • #Landscapes
    • #CultureandHeritage
    • #Landscapes
    star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal

    They say that everyone has a superhero name. Well, everyone has an Irish name, too! It captures the essence of your personality, and it’s ideal for planning your next trip to Ireland where you can explore all the places connected to your new identity!

    Question {1}

    Where would you like to stay while you’re in Ireland?

    I’ve always felt a strong connection to Armagh city

    A castle by the sea in County Mayo

    Somewhere with a view of the Giant’s Causeway

    Love Rathcroghan, the ancient capital of Connacht!

    Question {2}

    How would you like to spend your time in Ireland?

    I like to keep active by tossing boulders like County Down's Cloughmore Stone

    My perfect getaway? Herding sheep on Slemish Mountain in County Antrim

    Nothing better than a long walk from Connacht to the Cooley Peninsula

    Sailing off the coast of County Mayo sounds like heaven!

    Question {3}

    Which story best captures your personality?

    That time I ordered the cattle raid of Cooley

    That time I cut off my hair, went to sea and became a pirate

    That time I banished the snakes from Ireland

    That time I cooked the Salmon of Knowledge and became all-knowing

    Question {4}

    Where is your favourite place in Ireland?

    Saul Church in County Down – it looks so peaceful

    Slieve Foy in County Louth – it seems like a good place to relax

    The top of Knocknarea Mountain in County Sligo – love the view!

    Westport House – it kind of feels like home!

    Question {5}

    How would people describe you?

    A spiritual person

    A strong woman in a man’s world

    A warrior queen

    Ireland’s greatest hero

    Hi Fionn!

    Your Irish name is Fionn (pronounced Fee-yonn), and like the mythical Irish hero and giant Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn McCool) you’re a big personality who has made your mark on the world.

    Must-visit spots in Ireland for you:

    • The Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim – a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a fantastical past. Fionn is said to have created the causeway by throwing rocks into the sea to create a path to Scotland
    • The Cloughmore Stone in County Down, a massive boulder left behind by a glacier in the last Ice Age or a stone thrown by Fionn during a fight with another giant… you decide!

    Hi Gráinne!

    Your Irish name is Gráinne (pronounced Grawn-ya) and just like Ireland’s 16th century pirate queen, Gráinne Mhaol O’Maille (Grace O’Malley) you’re a strong-minded person who’s not afraid to go after what you want in life.

    Must-visit spots in Ireland for you:

    • Westport House, where descendants of Gráinne, the Browne family, still live to this day
    • Rockfleet Castle in County Mayo, once a stronghold of the O’Maille clan and home to Gráinne

    Hi Medb!

    Your Irish name is Medb (pronounced Mayve) and like the legendary Irish warrior Queen Medb of Connacht, you’re a compelling personality who will stop at nothing to achieve your goals.

    Must-visit spots in Ireland for you:

    • Rathcroghan in County Roscommon – the ancient capital of Connacht and the home of Queen Medb
    • Knocknarea in County Sligo – atop this dramatic mountain is Medb’s Cairn, said to be where the queen is buried in full armour and standing upright in readiness to fight her enemies

    Hi Patrick!

    Your Irish name is Patrick and just like Ireland’s patron saint, you’re a spiritual person who feels a strong connection to nature.

    Must-visit spots in Ireland for you:

    • Armagh city in Northern Ireland where there are two cathedrals named after St Patrick
    • Croagh Patrick in County Mayo, which is still a place of pilgrimage for many

    Here’s how you can follow in the footsteps of St Patrick around the island of Ireland.