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Mijn Ierland

Op zoek naar inspiratie? Een reis aan het plannen? Of wil je jezelf gelukkig scrollen? Wij laten je het Ierland zien dat speciaal voor jou is gemaakt.

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Als je offline bent, kun je nog steeds items toevoegen aan Mijn bord. Nieuwe reisaanbevelingen worden alleen weergegeven als je online bent.

    Ontdek wat Ierland voor jou in petto heeft

    Oeps ... geen internetverbinding

    Als je offline bent, kun je nog steeds items toevoegen aan Mijn bord. Nieuwe reisaanbevelingen worden alleen weergegeven als je online bent.

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    3 dagen 294 km

    72 uur in Armagh en omgeving

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    Van Belfast naar Van Armagh naar Carlingford
    Dichtsbijzijnde vliegveld Belfast City Airport, Belfast International Airport
    Attracties Hillsborough Castle, Game of Thrones Studio Tour
    armagh-city armagh-city
    cooley-moutains-hero cooley-moutains-hero
    cooley-peninsula-hero cooley-peninsula-hero

    From the city to the sea – pack your hiking shoes and set off on a trip that takes in Armagh city, the mighty Mournes and the Cooley Peninsula

    Saunter through a city filled with history, before discovering sights fit for a storybook on this enchanting three-day journey…


    Dag 1

    67 km


    Dag 2

    129 km


    Dag 3

    st-patricks-cathedral st-patricks-cathedral
    Dag 1 Armagh city

    Day 1

    Spend your first day following in the footsteps of St Patrick, before you gaze upward and learn the secrets of the stars…

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    Welcome to Armagh city!

    Armagh city

    armagh-city-hero armagh-city-hero

    Hire a car in Belfast, head straight for Armagh and drop off your luggage at your accommodation. Prefer public transport? Armagh is accessible by bus from around the island. Northern Ireland’s popular Enterprise train service operates between Dublin's Connolly Station and Belfast Central Station, stopping at nearby Portadown – then Armagh is just a bus ride away!


    As you wander through the quaint Georgian streets, you’ll notice lots of wonderful pubs, restaurants and historic buildings where you can enjoy an afternoon. If you’re looking for somewhere to relax and get your bearings, drop into the family-run Mulberry Bistro for delicious homemade food, sourced from local producers. Popular for its picturesque views and homely atmosphere, the lovely staff will make you feel like one of the family in no time.

    64 km

    The home of St Patrick

    St Patrick's Cathedral, County Armagh

    catherines-college-armagh-city catherines-college-armagh-city

    After lunch, it’s time to explore the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland. When St Patrick initially visited Armagh city, the patron saint called it his “sweet hill” and would later build his first stone church here. Today, two cathedrals are dedicated to the saint – the Church of Ireland Cathedral on Sally Hill, and the lofty spires of St Patrick’s Cathedral on the opposite hill.


    Admire collections ranging from fine art and archaeology to natural history by visiting the oldest county museum on the island, Armagh County Museum. The Armagh Robinson Library and No.5 Vicars’ Hill also provide a captivating insight into Ireland’s Christian past and the history of Armagh.


    If you plan to visit both cathedrals, it’s a 20-minute walk or a 7-minute cycle from the city centre.

    1 km

    Soak in the sights

    The Mall, Armagh city

    the-mall the-mall

    Afterwards, stroll along The Mall, a gorgeous grassy expanse east of Armagh’s city centre. Formerly used as a venue for horse racing and boxing matches during the 18th century, The Mall was later converted into an elegant Georgian park by the Archbishop of Armagh.


    While you’re there, relax with a picnic or explore the nearby Boer War memorial and the Crimean Cannon. If you’re lucky, you might catch the local Armagh Cricket Club playing a match on the lush parkland.

    1 km

    Reach for the stars

    Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, Armagh city

    armagh-planetarium armagh-planetarium

    We recommend setting aside time for an unforgettable trip to Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, Northern Ireland’s leading astronomical research facility. Here, you can gaze at the stars through historic telescopes or explore the cosmos via vivid interactive displays.


    Before you leave, make sure to check out the Sensory Space, the Astropark and lay your hands on Ireland’s largest meteorite! Wrap up the evening with a well-earned dinner at Keegan’s Bar & Restaurant. The busy gastro pub is in the heart of Armagh city and is rich with tradition, character and plenty of craic (fun). Pop in at the weekend for an unforgettable evening of traditional Irish music.

    1 km

    the-mourne-mountains the-mourne-mountains
    Dag 2 Armagh to Newry

    Day 2

    Majestic mountains, fine food and a spot of shopping are top of the agenda for our second day…

    Dag 2 verkennen

    An early start

    Breakfast in Armagh

    coffee-armagh coffee-armagh

    Set yourself up for the day by having breakfast at 4C Coffee House & Kitchen, a cosy, super-friendly café, delivering the finest local produce County Armagh has to offer, such as smoked salmon and back bacon.


    Leave Armagh city and soak in the amazing countryside views. After an hour’s drive, you’ll be greeted by the highest mountain range in Northern Ireland, the Mourne Mountains. Avid hikers will be spoilt for choice thanks to the terrain’s unrivalled network of paths and trails.

    64 km

    High fantasy wonderland

    Silent Valley Mountain Park, County Down

    silent-valley silent-valley

    The Mournes’ summits are some of the most dramatic and rewarding hikes you can undertake on the island of Ireland. If you’re spending the whole day exploring and hiking, the Silent Valley should not be missed. The stunning reservoir is popular for its natural beauty and tranquillity, offering visitors a moment of reflection after a long journey.


    Feeling inspired? Well, you’re not alone because, over the years, these mountains have left an indelible mark on the world’s greatest storytellers. From CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia to HBO’s award-winning Game of Thrones®, the Mournes have provided the perfect high fantasy backdrop.


    Once your exploring is done, reward yourself with a nourishing meal and relaxing pint in the Mourne Seafood Bar.

    35 km

    Happy shopping

    Newry, County Down

    newry-shopping newry-shopping

    End your day with a detour to the historic city of Newry. Nestled between the natural splendour of the Mourne Mountains and the Ring of Gullion, this bustling city is a fun blend of style and heritage. Discover the city’s historic sites, including the 16th century Bagenal’s Castle and the Cathedral of Saint Patrick and Saint Colman.


    If you want to bring home a keepsake from your travels, popular shopping centres such as The Quays and The Buttercrane house numerous major brands and outlets, making them the perfect places to spend a rainy afternoon. Or you could pick up a unique piece in one of Newry’s niche boutiques, such as The Wild Rose, Bernadette Elizabeth and Bows Boutique.


    Then it’s time to head back to Armagh for the night and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

    30 km

    carlingford carlingford
    Dag 3 Armagh to Carlingford

    Day 3

    Spend your final day taking in serene coastal sights, before wrapping up in the charming town of Carlingford…

    Dag 3 verkennen

    A forgotten peninsula

    Cooley Peninsula, County Louth

    cooley-peninsula cooley-peninsula

    Start your morning with a relaxing stroll around Armagh city while grabbing a coffee at The Craic’d Pot Coffee House. Now is the perfect time to visit any outstanding locales you might have missed during your first couple of days. Once you’re ready, hop in the car and make your way to the Cooley Peninsula.


    Located in the northeast corner of County Louth, the Cooley Peninsula juts out into the Irish Sea just below the stunning Carlingford Lough and it’s framed by the protective presence of the Cooley Mountains. There are many adventures available as you explore this hidden gem: hiking, heritage tours, kite surfing or simply lounging on the coast’s windswept beaches. Whatever your choice, the Cooley Peninsula will leave you feeling at one with nature.


    Of course, there’s more to this ancient land than just its beautiful scenery. It’s the setting for some of the island’s most famous myths and legends – including the epic tale of Tain Bó Cualigne (Cattle Raid of Cooley) and the adventures of Fionn Mac Cumhaill.

    50 km

    Go to Carlingford

    Carlingford, County Louth

    carlingford-2 carlingford-2

    Hailed for its rich history, oyster farms and vibrant festivals, Carlingford acts as a gateway between Ireland’s Ancient East and Northern Ireland – showcasing of both regions' outstanding natural beauty. The town has reinvented itself numerous times down the years, becoming a cosmopolitan hotspot laden with family-friendly outdoor activities, pubs, restaurants and historic sites.


    From the Carlingford Heritage Centre and Taaffe’s Castle to Carlingford Adventure’s Skypark and Carlingford Oyster Company, this ultra-popular resort town has everything you need to give your 72-hour trip the ultimate send-off.


    Close out the day with a tasty feast and reflect on your travels at the award-winning PJ O’Hare’s Anchor Bar before your return to Armagh for the night. During the colder months, locals and visitors curl up by the blazing open fire and share stories, while enjoying a big bowl of local oysters – sounds like the perfect evening to us!

    48 km

    star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal star-wars-last-jedi-malin-head-county-donegal