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Perspectives with John Cale

Jun 16 2018
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National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin,

Don't miss the masterful Welsh songwriter as he journeys through his considerable career - from the Velvet Underground to his acclaimed solo work.

Don't miss masterful Welsh songwriter John Cale as he journeys through his considerable career - from some of the most revered bands of the 60s to his acclaimed solo work - at this very special show at the National Concert Hall.

Co-founder of the wildly influential The Velvet Underground, Cale was also instrumental in founding the original The Dream Syndicate in the early 1960s with La Monte Young, where he was able to expand on his avant-garde leanings to an even greater degree. Going on later to form an uncompromising solo career, Cale's name has stayed on the lips of music lovers down through the decades, influencing an entirely new generation of music makers with his experimental, genre-bending style.

His remarkable career, which has also included collaborations with the likes of Terry Riley and the Happy Mondays, is certainly worth celebrating, and that's just what this show at the National Concert Hall is all about. Join Cale as he moves through the landscape of his musical life and experience his genius first-hand.

€30 - €40