Mozart’s Requiem

Apr 19 2019
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Ulster Hall 34 Bedford Street, Belfast,

The heart-wrenching and revolutionary final work from one of the world’s foremost musical geniuses.

The story behind Mozart’s Requiem is a total page-turner; from the odd commission, issued anonymously from Count von Walsegg to an already-ill Mozart who believe he had been cursed to write his own requiem, through his first attempt to take on writing a Mass for the Dead and finding an extraordinary voice in which to do so, to his untimely death at the age of 35, leaving it only two-thirds completed.

All drama aside though, Mozart’s writing fuses all his historical researches in counterpoint with his own advanced style into a piece that is extraordinarily powerful and uniquely heart-breaking.

The Requiem looks death in the face in an attitude of profound sadness and loss throughout, though the sublime Recordare gives a glimpse at the serenity of Paradise.