Five adrenaline-fuelled ways to experience Belfast

Sure, you can visit Belfast and lounge in the luxurious accommodation, maybe even pamper yourself in a spa. But wouldn’t it be better to get out and about for some high-octane laughs?

Of course it would! Here are our top five to make you feel alive in Belfast

1. We’ve got High Ropes…

Nestled in the Belfast Hills, just outside the city, SKYTrek is sure to get the blood pumping with their aerial challenges and high rope romps. Think of this as one giant obstacle course, except it’s a whopping 16m up in the Belfast air. When you’re up top with the Colin Glen Forest Park beneath you, make sure to gaze out at the incredible views of Belfast City. With activity names such as the ‘Free Fall Power Fan Descender’ and ‘The Ultimate Double Leap of Faith’, you know you’re in for a good time.

2. Mountain Biking mayhem

If there’s one thing Northern Ireland has in abundance, it’s rugged terrain. Just a short distance from Belfast city centre and you’re smack bang in the middle of rolling hills, craggy mountains, lakes, rivers…basically the wild! Didn’t bring your bike with you? Fear not. There are literally hundreds of rental facilities around the Belfast area. The good folks at CycleNI have all the details you’ll need. We love the Barnett Demense Trail: a 3.4km trail taking in some serious scenery. Plus it’s got the island’s first purpose-built jumps park! And yes, that is just as fun as it sounds.  

3. Go Kitesurfing

A short drive from Belfast to County Down and you're at the coast. A glorious combination of regular winds and plenty of water here make Millisle prime kitesurfing territory. The folks at NI Kitesurfing are the go-to-guys if you fancy catching some serious air above the waves. NI Kitesurfing cater for all skill levels from total newbie to pros and you can even earn an official kitesurfing certificate by completing one of their training courses. They've got all of the equipment you need onsite and the best kitesurfers in the business to show you the moves. 

4. Go Giants go

Back in the city and when the locals want a rush they head for the Odyssey Arena – home of the Giants. But you won’t find these giants at the top of any beanstalks; they’ll be on the ice as part of Belfast’s only professional ice-hockey team. Catch a game nearly every weekend from September to April and join the roar of the crowd. The action is fast and furious, the tackles are bone crushing and the craic is 90! Trust us, this is an experience. 

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5. Cannonball!

You might have just asked yourself ‘What’s coasteering?’ Well a short trip from Belfast to the Clearsky Adventure Centre in County Down reveals the answer. Coasteering is cliff jumping, bouldering, cave exploring and belly flopping around the coastline of Ballyhornan in County Down. The folks at Clearsky will take you on splashing, dashing tour of beautiful shallow coastal caves, hidden coves and little islands along the coast. While you’re on the coast why not try a spot of surfing or wake-boarding? What better way to view the amazing scenery than cannonballing right into it!

…And breathe!

So, if you’re looking for something a bit different, an adventure, a thrilling twist on the average city break; Belfast brings the wow-factor by the bucket-load. You coming to Belfast NOW?  

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