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Marine Highway, Carrickfergus, County Antrim,
Mr Adrian Hack
T: 07916 780 474

A Guided Walking Tour of Carrickfergus, showcasing the town’s role during the Second World War.

This Tour is designed to showcase the role Carrickfergus played during the Second World War (1939-45).

By going on this Tour you will learn what vital items were created here and how people who lived here, or were based in the town, played their part.

Northern Ireland was a staging post for over 300,000 American troops on their way to the frontline. Carrickfergus was identified as a crucial part of the infrastructure required to support this presence. The first American communication base was set up here in early 1942, but a more significant event took place in the town in the summer of that year – the creation of the US Rangers, the American Army’s first commando-style unit. We will visit the location where this took place, discover why it was so important, and follow the historic onward journey of one of the American soldiers involved.

Throughout the Tour, I will share some dates and facts with you along the way, but I won’t be bombarding you with numbers. This Tour is more about the story of the town, and some of the people associated with it, during the Second World War. Find out what happened to Matilda, Rupert and Franklin when they departed from Carrickfergus, and how important they were to the outcome of the Second World War.

The Tour starts from just left of Carrickfergus Castle, as you face the front entrance.

The Route is circular, one mile long, and on level paved ground. It takes around forty-five minutes to an hour to complete. Along the way, you will also see some of the old parts of the town that you may wish to visit after completing the Tour.

An Extended Tour is available, on request, which includes a visit to the US Rangers Centre. This makes the route two miles long, and takes 90 minutes to complete. Transport will be provided from the Centre back to the Castle.

Tour prices include a complimentary cup of tea or coffee in Dobbins Inn.

The website provides more information, including useful links for public transport and car parking.