A Guide to Independent Dublin Fashion

Dublin's shopping scene is not to be overlooked. With brilliant boutiques popping up in every nook and cranny around the city, you'll find something to suit you.

The map of Dublin's boutiques – for larger version please click below
The map of Dublin's boutiques – for larger version please click below

Budgets might mean you reserve the higher end of retail for pure window-shopping, but the Irish-made collections, from luminaries such as Simone Rocha (Havana), Eilis Boyle (Bow) and Joanne Hynes (Costume), deserve some poring over. Otherwise it's easy to shop well, cheaply.

Vintage treats

The city's vintage buyers are epicureans, and have done the heavy trawling for you. Flea market business is booming. Spaces you might not expect boutiques to be are squeezing in rails (check out Revolver Project, hidden at the back of Twisted Pepper nightclub, or A Store Is Born which occupies a backstreet garage on Saturdays).

Some shops can be visited for the staff alone: Molloy and Dowling, an ephemera-obsessed couple who'll barter you some new glasses for anything fancy you've found in your attic and occasionally throw gigs and parties in their old Georgian basement; Ruth at Om Diva who might slip you some prosecco before a sewing workshop; Indigo & Cloth's Garrett might be knocking together the next issue of Dublin's fashion freesheet, Thread; the ladies at Optica who'll tell you exactly whether those square frames open up your face or not.

We’ve done our very best to include all the best shops, but if we’ve forgotten one of your favourites, do let us know via Twitter (@VisitDublin). Go forth: get your bearings, boys and girls, and help the indie retail trade power on.

 *Please click here for the pdf version of the map

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