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Donamon Castle

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Divine Word Missionaries, Donamon Castle, Roscommon, Roscommon,
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Donamon Castle is one of the oldest inhabited buildings in Ireland. There was a fort here from early times, with the first recorded reference in the Annals of the Four Masters for the year 1154.

One of Ireland's oldest inhabited buildings, Donamon Castle is a treasure trove of history.

Once the seat of the O'Finnaghys, the chiefs of Clan Conway, who held the land for miles around, in 1232, Norman knight Adam de Staunton improved the buildings before they were demolished by the O'Connors the following year.

The rebuilt castle was occupied in 1294 by William de Oddingseles, who died the following year. The de Birminghams then took over but it was again destroyed by the O'Connors, and the year 1307 saw the last of the O'Finaghys and the first of the Burkes. The McDavid Burkes then occupied it for the next 300 years.

Years later, OCA conducted a comprehensive survey and prepared detailed drawings of the existing structures of this 14th-century fortified residence. Thereafter, Mary O’Carroll was assigned the task of refurbishing the castle as well as its 19th-century extensions. With the renovation, everything was restored to its previous grandeur.

Today, Donamon Castle, perched on the edge of the River Suck, is a popular historical landmark of Roscommon that you can visit year-round.