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Lisselan Gardens

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Lisselan, Clonakilty, Cork,
Mr Mark Coombes
T: +353(0)238833249
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Lisselan is a wonderful garden located near Clonakilty, County Cork, where visitors can breathe in fresh air while walking along the natural paths, bridges and flagstone pathways that lead them on an exploration of intrigue.

The spectacular Lisselan Gardens are located near Clonakilty, County Cork. The gardens were laid out in the Robinsonian style from the early 1850s. William Bence-Jones chose a site on a promontory above the river for a French château-style house designed by Lewis Vuliamy. The Bence-Jones family also created 12 hectares of gardens that take advantage of the natural features and contours provided by the valley and the Argideen River running through it.

The gardens are much as they were in their Edwardian heyday, containing many spectacular features, such as an azalea garden, rockery, Japanese maple, rose wreathed pergola, water garden, and a rhododendron garden. The shrubbery contains mature pines, spruce, holly and more unusual plants including acacia, myrtle, eucalyptus, Robinia and Judas trees. A series of flagstone pathways and rustic bridges add ambience and character to the gardens.

Many unusual plants not generally associated with the local geographical region have been planted in Robinsonian style to provide year-round interest and colour at Lisselan. Additionally, golf and fishing are available at Lisselan.

Parking and guided tours are available.