10 things you should know when you visit Ireland!

As a celebration of what makes the people of Ireland, well, "Irish", we’ve pulled together some of the things you may notice about us while you travel around our wonderful island. Enjoy!

1. No matter where we are, we always smile and nod "hello" to people we pass. Strangers, milkmen, postmen, dog walkers, dogs. 

2. And we always say "sorry" when we bump into strangers, milkmen, postmen, dog walkers, dogs... even if they’ve bumped into us. 

3. Bye, bye, bye now! We like to say goodbye at least three times when ending a phone call or a conversation. In fact, a single “goodbye” kind of shocks us with its abrupt ending. 

4. We say “thank you” to everyone for their service, especially bus drivers as we’re getting off after a journey. Oh, and there’s always a little wave of thanks to drivers who let us cross the road, too.  

5. Speaking of “thank yous” – we sometimes overload a thank you by multiplying it a bit: “thanks a million” is for someone who’s done something really nice. 

6. We don’t do celebrity sightings. If someone famous walks into a pub, we pretend we haven't a clue who they are, so they can enjoy their night like the rest of us... if they're up on stage, though, we do yell and scream like the rest of the world! 

7. The word “grand” is used a lot. It actually means “fine” but you really have to listen to how it’s being said to catch whether it’s fine "good" or fine "not-so-good".  

8. The weather: it’s a surefire way to start a conversation. Yes, our climate isn’t nearly as dramatic as other places in the world, but as we may have up to four seasons converging in one day, we can make our critique of too hot/cold/wet go on and on and on…feel free to join in. 

9. We absolutely adore being helpful, so really, honestly, truly, don’t be afraid to ask us for assistance in anything! Directions, best pub, best place for breakfast, secret spots… it’s part of our DNA! 

10. We really love our sport! And no matter how removed we might be from the world of GAA (Gaelic games) or rugby, when the stakes are high everyone bands together to cheer on their favourite team! And you won’t find a prouder land than the island of Ireland as the world goes green on March 17 to celebrate our beloved patron saint, St Patrick!

Get a taste of that warm Irish welcome

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