Capturing Ranelagh on Instagram

Once sitting pretty on the city's edge, Ranelagh is Dublin’s original village.

Currently a haven for foodies and coffee connoisseurs, Ranelagh has happily held on to its original 'village' vibe. Craft butchers and traditional bakeries still lie nestled amongst European style coffee houses and an array of restaurants that offer treats ranging from funky to fancy and some surprises inbetween.

Many famous poets, musicians and artists, such as Luke Kelly and Glen Hansard, have at one stage drawn inspiration from Ranelagh and called this place home.

It’s just a few stops away on the Luas from the St Stephen’s Green, making it extremely accessible from Dublin’s city centre. Visit this bustling village at any time of the day and you’ll see locals going about their daily lives and enjoying Ranelagh’s finest breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner experiences.

To get an idea of what's happening in Ranelagh, search these tags on Instagram #dublin #lovedublin #ranelagh and you'll get a mixture of fun, food and happy faces.

Brunch at La Reserve in Ranelagh, captured on Instagram
Brunch at La Reserve in Ranelagh, captured on Instagram

Dublin: a city of villages

Dublin is a city of villages. Each village serves a different purpose and houses a particular breed of Dubliner. The poets, the artists, the dreamers, the fashionistas, the foodies, the storytellers and the trueblues, they have all carved out little havens, villages of like-mindedness within the patchwork of the city.

You can haggle for a vintage treasure in Dublin’s Antique Quarter, window shop in the fashion-centric Creative Quarter and grab a gourmet coffee in Ranelagh all within the same day, all within the same city.

These distinct villages are connected by the winding streets, cobbled laneways, and flowing waterways that make up the veins and arteries of this city.

Coming soon...

Every corner, every twist and every turn offers explorers the possibility of surprise, the opportunity to uncover the true character of the city. In an attempt to capture the essence of Dublin we are creating vignettes of these villages, below are a few fleeting moments stolen from the heart of the city.

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