James Nesbitt's Ireland – Episode Four

James Nesbitt’s journey around Ireland continues with a stop off in the Wild West

James Nesbitt in Ireland
James Nesbitt in Ireland

Getting to know the locals

It’s all action this week as Cold Feet star James Nesbitt hits the picturesque seaside town of Dingle in County Kerry. Dingle (or An Daingean in Irish – you’re in the gaeltacht here) has been a tourist hotspot for many a year. The colourful village is dotted with snug pubs, restaurants and genuine Irish character. Being by the sea, they’ve also held fast to their maritime traditions. Local fisherman Jimmy Flannery explains to James Nesbitt, “ It’s a close knit community here so everyone looks after each other. When I left school there was nothing else but fishing. The sea is definitely in my blood, no doubt about it.”

They call him…fungie…?

One of Dingle’s main attractions is a local flippered-celebrity, by the name of Fungie the dolphin. Fungie is something of a Dingle institution; this friendly dolphin has been delighting visitors to Dingle for years. Jimmy Flannery runs daily boat trips out into Dingle Bay with eager tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the bottle-nosed dolphin. If you’re lucky, he’ll launch himself into the Dingle air right beside you. Getting wet is a bonus.

Fun with Fungie

Not content to merely observe from the boat, James Nesbitt bravely dons a wet suit and jumps into the chilly waters in search of Fungie, “ For your eyes only and in the name of human, dolphin relations, I’m going to brave the depths of Dingle Bay and swim with Fungie.” Does James feel the chill in Dingle’s waters? Wait and see.

The Love Trail!

Dried off and eager to see more of Ireland, Hobbit star James Nesbitt heads for County Clare to meet famed matchmaker Willie Daly. Willie’s skill at bringing couples together is legendary and he’s developed what he calls the Love Trail. Single people looking for love join Willie on a pony trekking trail through the beautiful County Clare. With hundreds of marriages under his belt, it’s safe to say Willie’s Love Trail works! He doesn’t even need the most famous aphrodisiac – oysters. Mr Nesbitt, though, is keen for a taste.

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Shucking in

Episode four of James Nesbitt’s Ireland comes to a close with Nesbitt tucking (or should that be ‘shucking’) into some world-famous Galway Bay’s finest. And wouldn’t you know it, the crafty Jekyll star planned his visit to Galway just when they were in season! While in Galway, James Nesbitt hooks up with Michael Moran of Oyster Cottage who extols the beauty of the oyster, “These oysters are the best in the world. They are the Galway Flats and they take five to six years to grow. I’m excited!” Nesbitt was excited too going by the amount of oysters he gobbled.

Speaking of his adventures in episode four James Nesbitt says, “ It’s so beautiful. Just to be in such a gorgeous place with lovely people and a big dolphin, is very special indeed. I’d recommend it.”

The next episode of James Nesbitt’s Ireland will be transmitted on ITV on Monday 8 April at 8pm. 

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