James Nesbitt's Ireland: Episode Six

Cold Feet star James Nesbitt’s Ireland adventure continues on ITV. This week James Nesbitt goes in search of the flavours and scents that define the magic of Ireland

James Nesbitt continues his visit to Ireland provided by ITV
James Nesbitt continues his visit to Ireland provided by ITV

Once I caught a fish this big…

The Hobbit star James Nesbitt is on a mission to taste and smell the flavours of Ireland. From the crystal clear waters of the Dingle coast to the bustling streets of Dublin, James Nesbitt is in for a treat.

In County Kerry, local Dingle man Ryan Coote is an expert at the traditional art of spear fishing. The clear waters of the Atlantic are home to many flourishing fish species, supplying the restaurant plates of Dingle town with delicious, fresh seafood. Ryan teaches James Nesbitt a thing or two about spear fishing. Does Nesbitt manage to spear his own dinner or does he go hungry? Wait and see.

Foodie Revolution

On the streets of Ireland’s capital Dublin, a ‘food revolution’ is underway. Jekyll star James Nesbitt hooks up with baker Kate Packwood who explains that there’s a new focus on homegrown Irish produce. “We’re really on the crest of a wave here”, says Kate, “We’re moving with a real drive towards wonderful Irish produce and it’s very exciting to be part of it.” James Nesbitt wastes no time in tucking into some of Kate’s famous lavender shortbread and caramel brownies. We thought he was sweet enough already – but go figure!


Perfume on the air

With crumbs still on his face, Hobbit star James Nesbitt hits the Burren in County Clare. If he senses something familiar about the place it’s no surprise. The Hobbit author JRR Tolkien was inspired by the ecological mysteries of the Burren when he was penning Lord of the Rings.

With up to 70% of Ireland’s flower species growing in the Burren it was the perfect place for Sadie Chowen and her husband Ralph to set up their unique perfumery business. The couple are determined to capture the “scent of the Burren” by using the naturally occurring flowers of the area in their perfume. They show the Cold Feet star around the Burren and get him sniffing some of the wonderful flowers they use. Will Nesbitt come up smelling like roses? Wait and see…

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A curious cure

Next up Antrim actor James Nesbitt meets with father son duo Mick and Neil Watson. The Watson lads are re-discovering the healing and therapeutic properties of… seaweed. Yes, the twosome has built their business upon this traditional remedy. Neil explains to Nesbitt, “Seaweed is an amazing plant. It has every vitamin and mineral that the body needs. Once you put it into a bath, because the seaweed is alkaline and the seawater is alkaline, your body detoxes and then you absorb all the goodness from the plant as well.” James Nesbitt in a seaweed bath! This we’ve got to see. 

Sufficiently full, healed and smelling lovely, James Nesbitt is rejuvenated and ready to continue on his Irish odyssey. Tune in next week to see where his adventures take him in Ireland.

The next episode of James Nesbitt’s Ireland will be transmitted on ITV on Monday 22 April at 8pm

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