Views of Dublin

Three of Dublin’s most talented illustrators took to the rooftops of Dublin with one not-so-easy task: draw their version of the incredible view in just one day. The result – three stunning videos of artists in action, capturing Dublin at its most beautiful.

View of Old Dublin by Steve Simpson
View of Old Dublin by Steve Simpson

Everybody loves a good rooftop. The Beatles. Skyfall James Bond. Man on Wire. The ultimate panorama of a city, set into its natural landscape, allows the high climber to take in the true character and beauty of the centuries of society that has left its mark.

Dublin’s is particularly special: bounded by mountains and the sea, rivers wind around buildings historical and modern. These three views, drawn in the inimitable styles of Steve Simpson, Steve McCarthy and Fuchsia Macaree, take in all the landmarks that Dubliners love best.

Come and join them at their incredible vantage points – and don’t be afraid to look down.

Steve Simpson captures the Dublin cityscape with this detailed but playful illustration.

Fuchsia Macaree used pencils, inks and markers to create a striking and simplistic interpretation of Dublin Port. 

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From a towering vantage point above Grand Canal Dock, Steve McCarthy used water-colours to create this impressionistic painting.

Now that you've seen these three artists unique interpretations of the Dublin cityscape, it's time you see the city for yourself!

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