The Ten Best & Most Popular Tweeters to follow in Dublin

Get the inside track on what’s happening right this second in Dublin with our list of the city’s Twitterati.

A view of Dublin city
A view of Dublin city

Darragh Doyle///@darraghdoyle

Self-described events addict runs one of the city’s most intensely updated Twitter feeds, encompassing arts, culture, festivals, food and big ideas. He’s also a super-friendly dude – if you’re visiting, he’ll point you towards the best ways to spend your time.

Niall Byrne///@Nialler9

Not only Ireland’s foremost music blogger, but one of the most successful in the world, we suspect Nialler9 has had clones made of himself to stay as busy as he does across the internet (and in real life too). The perfect entry-point into Dublin’s music scene (and beyond), Niall tweets playlists, exclusives, news and gig announcements.

Stephen Gibson///@stephenskitchen

Food addicts will salivate all over Stephen Gibson’s succulent social media banquets. Head chef and owner of the highly-regarded Pichet restaurant, Gibson’s feed showcases his own concoctions, collects food shots from some of Dublin’s other top restaurants and aggregates meal snaps that’ll make your belly ache.

Brian O’Driscoll///@brianodriscoll

Leinster and Ireland rugby hall-of-famer is one of those sports stars who keeps it real on Twitter. O’Driscoll talks Irish sport and shopping and eating in Dublin with a top-shelf sense of humour.

Le Cool Dublin///@lecooldublin

Le Cool have an eerie knack for knowing everything that’s going on in Dublin, all the time. This team of culture hunters will have at least ten good things for you to do on any given night in the city. An essential source for any visitor.

Niall Harbison///@LovinDublin

Former chef turned digital entrepreneur Niall describes his Twitter feed as "quirky Dublin restaurant reviews and simple but epic recipes that even an idiot could make."

Photos of Dublin///@PhotosofDublin

This trove of historical photos of the city is a fascinating, regularly-updated look at the Dublin of the past. The contrast between the black-and-white city of old with its current incarnation will be striking for any visitor.

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Champions of design, Pivot Dublin highlights innovations across Dublin. If you’re architecturally-minded, follow public art or love awesome graphic design, Pivot’s got you covered.


In a city fixated with cinema, FilmFixx is a strong independent voice that covers festivals, new releases, underground film events and Irish film industry news. Its monthly event guide is indispensable for any alternative movie-lover.

David O’Doherty///@phlaimeaux

140 characters is always enough for the city’s number one alternative comedian to make you choke up in laughter. O’Doherty, who you may know from Never Mind the Buzzcocks or his Edinburgh successes, is the number one pun-maker in the country – where better to get a daily dose of Dublin humour from?

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