Dublin City: five things to do

Is it possible to squeeze Dublin into five experiences? Of course not. But don’t let that stop you trying. Get ready for an unforgettable city break

Paddles at the ready! provided by City Kayaking

1. Big it up at the Little Museum

The Little Museum of Dublin is David to the National Museum’s Goliath, a miniature marvel telling the story of city through joyfully eclectic exhibits (a signed U2 album, an old bus ticket machine, a facsimile of James Joyce’s death mask). There’s a reboot of a traditional Irish kitchen in the basement, too. Hatch & Sons does heart-warming all-day breakfasts, with 21st century takes on classics, such as Beef & Guinness stew. All this mouthwatering food in a basement that could have been airlifted straight from Downton Abbey

2. Eat Tweetie pie

It’s fresh and it’s funky. It’s lo-fi and high on flavour. It’s Skinflint, and it’s gonna push every last pizza button in your body. The pies are long, thin and delicious – and they’re named after the staff’s mums (aww...). Is yours a Sadie (roast garlic confit, toasted hazelnuts, spinach) or a Tess (pulled pork, fennel seeds, braised fennel and mascarpone)? A Gráinne or a Vonnie? Hit up #tweetseats on Twitter – it’s a lottery for free eats. 

3. Paddle your own canoe

You can tour Dublin on foot, by bike, bus, car or coach. Or you could think different and connect with the good folk at City Kayaking. You’ll find them by the Jeanie Johnson tall ship – this is the only kayaking operation in the city centre, and it offers the chance to explore the River Liffey, its bridges and Dublin’s iconic sights from an entirely different angle. Don’t want the full tour? No worries. Rentals are an option, too.

4. Get to a gallery

Dublin’s museums and galleries may be home to priceless treasures, but most are absolutely free to visit. For a quick fix with a difference, step out of the tourist throngs and into the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. This cool little cube specialises in cutting-edge visual art, and a few minutes is all it takes to immerse yourself in its ideas. Afterwards, rejoin the world with a new perspective and a pep in your step. .

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5. Pull the perfect pint

The Gravity Bar is like a bird’s nest, with views stretching from Dublin’s city skyline to the coast and mountains beyond. Best of all, it’s perched on top of the Guinness Storehouse. Yup, that’s seven storeys devoted to the world’s most famous stout, and you can even learn how to pull the perfect pint along the way. Cheers! 

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