Titanic the Musical at TEC Belfast

Apr 28 2020 - May 03 2020
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TEC Belfast 17 Queens Road, Belfast, County Antrim,
T: (028) 9024 1919

Prepare yourself for an emotional, powerful & immersive experience at Titanic the Musical this April

Staged in TEC (Titanic Exhibition Centre) Belfast on the very ground that its components were made and just across the road from where the ship was designed and built, this Belfast Operatic Company production will run in a custom built theatre from 28th April to 3rd May 2020.

On arrival at TEC Belfast , the audience will immediately be immersed in the 1912 era, as if they had gone back in time to Titanic’s dockside.

Once inside the theatre, a cast of over 100 and a seventeen-piece orchestra will present a faithful retelling of the familiar story in an emotional, yet uplifting, and totally stunning way. The musical paints an accurate picture of the life of decadence enjoyed by the famous millionaires in the 1st Class, the pushiness of certain 2nd Class who wanted to be of higher status, and the 3rd class ceili below decks and their dreams of finding a better life in America. We also glimpse the old-world pride that members of the crew had in serving ‘their betters’.

The show is hugely entertaining, with a sweeping score and evokes the whole gamut of emotions, as you would expect – there are lots of joyous and comedic moments as well as the inevitable tragedy. It brings to life in a unique way the way life was lived in Belfast at the beginning of the Twentieth Century – the class differences and how different social status impacted on survival rates.

Titanic is a part of Belfast’s story which should not be forgotten and is unlikely to be, given that so many in our community have ancestors who were involved in her creation. We have a collective memory of the pride so many held in this “Ship of Dreams” and this helps to bind us together in a city where differences still try to raise their heads. This event will provide a very “real” way to understand one of the compelling stories from Belfast’s past.