Ireland's sports quiz

Croke Park, Dublin

Do you know your camogie from your hurling? Have you followed the rising stars of Ireland’s rugby team? Or do you know where thoroughbred champions are born and raised in these lush green landscapes? Test your knowledge of the island’s sporting prowess with our quiz!

Every September, thousands of fans decked in their county colours make their way to Croke Park for the GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) All-Ireland Football and Hurling Championship finals. In what Irish city is this iconic stadium located?

What major rugby competition did Ireland win in 2018?

Hurling dates back 2000 years. What legendary Irish figure is said to have defended himself from a wolfhound with nothing but a hurl and a sliotar (ball)?

Ireland is world renowned for its love of all things equine, with many champion thoroughbred horses born and raised here. In what county will you find the Irish National Stud? 

What motorcycle race in Northern Ireland did legendary racing champion Joey Dunlop win a total of 24 times?

What GAA sport needs just a ball, a field of grass and a set of goalposts?

What county in Northern Ireland does golfing legend Rory McIlroy come from?

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