Ireland on Screen Quiz


Put your film knowledge in the spotlight with this Ireland on screen quiz!

Who is was the youngest Irish actor to be nominated for an Academy Award?

In which county in Ireland was Marley & Me filmed?

What famous novel involving a whale was adapted to film by director John Huston in County Cork in 1956?

Which Northern Ireland castle was the setting of Winterfell in HBO’s hit-series, Game of Thrones®? 

In which of the Harry Potter films do the iconic Cliffs of Moher appear?

On what monastic island was much of Star Wars: The Last Jedi filmed?

What Irish lake lends its unusual appearance to the TV series Vikings? HINT: It’s associated with two of Ireland’s favourite brews!

The Irish historical biopic, Michael Collins, was filmed in many iconic Dublin locations. But which key landmark had a full-scaled replica built just for filming?

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