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Where History Begins Exhibition

Oct 28 2017 - Dec 16 2017
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Where History Begins
Kader Attia, Duncan Campbell, Ali Cherri, Christodoulos Panayiotou

Where History Begins explores the complex relationship between material culture and historical truth. The development of archaeology in the early 19th Century is closely associated with the categorisation of material culture, preoccupied with the construction of a timeline through which artefacts determine the culture of a society in a space and time. These materials have become indexes within the field of research and when placed within a museum context have become valuable evidence or artefacts evoking a history.

This interest in history or preservation has been traced back by historians to ancient art collections that predate the museum at the end of the third century BC. The museum as collector or preserver of culture has become a contested site for artefacts. The collection of these pieces is often associated with the colonial project, the construction of the Nation State and a symbol of capitalism.

The nature of culture is to be dynamic and constantly shifting, with a multiplicity of histories. This exhibition questions how we construct historical narratives, how there is no one historical truth, and in what way histories have been constructed through the colonial project and particular ideological contexts.