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Portmagee's Traditional Old Year Festival

Dec 31 2017
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Portmagee, Kerry, Republic of Ireland
Mr Gerard Kennedy

Don't miss what will surely be the most unique street parade you'll see all year. Led by a piper and a man depicting the Old Year, you'll be surrounded by blazing turf torches, as he 'dies' on the stroke of midnight, giving way to a vibrant New Year.

Portmagee's Traditional Old Year Festival is a unique street parade which has taken place in Portmagee for over a century and a half.

The event centres on a street parade led by a piper with blazing turf torches and a local man dressed as the Old Year. The old man becomes increasingly decrepit until, on the stroke of midnight, a shot rings out and he disappears. A vibrant young man depicting the New Year appears and takes over the parade, greeting all the spectators as he passes.

The identity of the New Year is kept secret each year to add to the excitement.

Experience a truly unique event in Portmagee this December.

Admission Free