The Great Concertos: DvoÅ™ák's Cello Concerto

Jan 19 2018
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Ulster Orchestra Ulster Hall Bedford Street, Belfast,
T: 028 9023 9900

"Why on earth didn't I know that one could write a violincello concerto like this? If I had only ...

"Why on earth didn't I know that one could write a violincello concerto like this? If I had only known, I would have written one long ago!" - Johannes Brahms

Join Ulster orchestra for an evening of music. Written whilst DvoÅ™ák was in the USA and struggling with homesickness, his Cello Concerto is not only filled with longing for home but also a more deeply personal anguish - his sister-in-law (and first love) Josefina was seriously ill. He wove her favourite song into the piece and it is an exquisite tribute. Johannes Moser will bring all the intimately-held emotions of this work to life.

"...[Johannes Moser's] playing unites a sleekly streamlined technique with an alert and in-the-moment musicality, and on this occasion his brisk forward-leaning tempos in the third movement in particular had the hall on the edge of its collective seat. The crowd wasted no time in rewarding him with a robust ovation..." (Boston Globe)

Sibelius too was suffering from enormous personal anguish when he wrote his Fourth Symphony, whilst around him Finland struggled to recover from a terrible famine and Europe hurtled towards the First World War. The result is dark and compact, but with a steeliness and determination to endure; the result is a symphony which Sibelius said "represents a very important and great part of me".

Free pre-concert talk at 7pm with soloist Johannes Moser. All are welcome.


Elgar: Introduction and Allegro
DvoÅ™ák: Cello Concerto
Sibelius: Symphony No. 4

Conductor: Jac van Steen
Cello: Johannes Moser

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