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Castle Salem

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Rosscarbery, Cork, Republic of Ireland
E: info@castlesalem.ie

A 15th century castle lovingly restored by the Daly family. The castle was built in 1470 by Catherine, daughter of the Earl of Desmond. Castle Salem is a rich piece of our Irish heritage and an unique tourist attraction. Guided Historic tours daily.

Castle Salem County Cork, Stones speak a language of their own, and they must be preserved so as to never fall into silence. These poignant words were uttered by a German on a recent visit to the remarkable 15th century Castle Salem in Rosscarbery, West Cork, capturing most eloquently the sentiments of the castle's present proprietor, Margaret Daly.

The beautiful Castle Salem, originally known as Benduff Castle, was built by the Earl of Desmond's daughter Catherine in 1470. It passed on to Carbery's ruling family on Catherine's marriage to the McCarthy Reagh. After the rebellion of 1641, the McCarthy s were dispossessed and the castle fell into the hands of a Quaker by the name of Apollo Morris.

Morris' son William changed the castle's name from Benduff to Salem. The Quakers were a peace-loving group of people and the word Salem originates from the Hebrew word Shalom, which means peace. In 1682, Fortunatus Morris, William's eldest son, built an L-shaped farmhouse, at right angles to and connected with the castle. The castle itself must be entered through the house and this is a unique design.

The castle came into Daly hands over a century ago.
Patrick Daly, the Grandfather of Margaret's husband Michael, originally bought the castle, house, and adjoining fields, which he farmed with his wife and 14 children. Patrick's son Cornelius looked after the farm and castle with his wife from 1922 up until 1960 when Michael and Margaret finally took over.

The castle is one of the best preserved in Ireland. It is 70 feet high and its walls are 11 feet in width. There is a spiral stone staircase and privy, with a channel connecting to the river which surrounds the castle, on each floor in the castle. Moss holes, used before the modern convenience of toilet paper, are also to be seen in each privy.

Castle Salem is a rich piece of our Irish heritage and an unique tourist attraction. It really is a worth a visit its a real gem.

Guided Historic tours daily 2KM off the N71 Rosscarbery/Skibbereen Road. Address Castle Salem, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork