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Ivans Oyster Bar & Grill

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17 - 18 West Pier, Howth, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
T: +353(0)18390285

Ivan's Oyster Bar and Grill, located on the West Pier of picturesque Howth Harbour, brings together the freshest local seafood with highest quality ingredients, fresh from the markets, to ensure a memorable dining experience.

Ivan's takes its name from Ivan Beshoff, the original founder of the Beshoff fish dynasty, Grandfather of the present generation.

The Beshoff family ethos is 'It's never just fish, it's a way of life'.

Ivan's draws inspiration from the culinary knowledge accumulated by this family over many decades, sourcing premium seafood from the finest local suppliers then cooking and serving a range of delectable menu choices.

Pan fried fillet of turbot, roasted whole seabass, chargrilled gambas and whole black sole are but a sampler of what awaits the discerning seafood lover. The Daily Blackboard specials feature fresh fish dishes, cooked using fish caught and landed on the same day by local fisherman.