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Galway City of Tribes Walking Tour

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26 Athlumney Villas, Ranelagh, Dublin,
Mrs Sheila O'Broin
Эл.п.: enquiry@sightjoggingireland.com

Sightwalking Galway walking tour is an alternative and fun way to get an insight into the seaside city's unique identity. Participants will meet locals, participate in Gaelic sports, speak some Irish and more.

This Innovative Walking tour is an essential guide to Galway, the city of tribes.

Discover this seaside city, a sanctuary for Irish customs, music and culture like never before.
The guide's amusing anecdotes and stories about the capital of the West of Ireland will entertain you and satisfy your cultural curiosity all at the same time.

Get to meet local tradesman, participate in a demonstration of a Gaelic sport, get to know the famous Irish character and speak your very first words of Irish.

Galway's visitors will be captured by its bohemian and artistic street life, The Guide will also provide you with information on current events, markets and festivals so the visitor's experience of Galway will be as authentic as it gets.

Pre -booking is essential

Walk it. Live it. Love it.