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Judd Ruane - Sea Trout Specialist

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Creggs Road, Ballina, Mayo,
Mr Judd Ruane
T: +353(0)9622183
Эл.п.: judd@juddruane.com

Judd Ruane, based in Ballina, Co Mayo, provides boat hire and guide service for sea trout fishing on the River Moy estuary.

Judd Ruane has decades of experience working in angling tourism in the Moy Valley region of North West Ireland. He is based at the Quay in Ballina, County Mayo. Ruane’s speciality is sea trout and the estuary of the world-renowned River Moy is his hunting ground.

Since he was a boy fishing with his dad, Ruane’s passion has been sea trout and much experience has been gained over the years. In 1973 he turned his hobby into a business. Today he continues to enjoy sharing sea trout fishing with others and offers a selection of boats. Tackle can also be provided if required.