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Mount Falcon Fisheries

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Mount Falcon Fisheries, Foxford Road, Ballina, Mayo,
T: +353(0)9674472
Ф: +353(0)9674473
Эл.п.: fisheries@mountfalcon.com

Mount Falcon Fisheries is part of the Mount Falcon Country House Hotel and Estate in Ballina, County Mayo. It is located 6 miles upstream from the Moy estuary and hence guarantees a constant supply of fresh fish throughout the season.

Mount Falcon Fisheries consists of 2 miles double bank private fishing and is located between Ballina and Foxford. Mount Falcon Fisheries produces on average 500 salmon per season and offers the angler a varied choice of pools to suit all types of fishing; fly, bait and artificial lure fishing.

Private guides can be arranged via the Fisheries manager at Mount Falcon Country House Hotel and Estate.