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Kerry Blackwater Fishery

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Blackwater, Killarney, Kerry, Republic of Ireland
T: +353(0)2641222
Ф: +353(0)2641223

The Blackwater River and Lake System drains a catchment of 34 square miles and is 10 miles long from source to sea. It gets a run of 1500 salmon and grilse approximately every year.

The Blackwater System is rising out of Kenmare, Co. Kerry and flowing over 100 miles through Cork and changes direction at Waterford towards Cappoquin. Best fishing however is between Mallow and Lismore.

The river gets a run of around 1500 salmon and grilse every year which can be fished from 15 March until 30 September. There is also a good run of sea trout which can be fished from 15 March until 12 October.

Access throughout this river is excellent and there are boats available for hire.